I am the second child of five children, was born on 29 March, 1973 in Melk on the Danube  in Austria.                                       

I first discovered my love and passion for painting and drawing while still a teenager. However, as

fate would have it, I chose not to take the path of art, but instead to learn the trade of hairdressing.    

Two years after completing my apprenticeship, a new chapter in my life began -   I started a family and became mother of two children.                               

In 1999, the love of painting once more awakened within me.

I have developed my own style of painting without having to resort to  any artistic training or studies.  

By experimenting with diverse materials and techniques, my work has continued to develop.

Thus, I have always been a self-taught person.


My accomplishments range from water colour (portraits, landscapes) to abstract works right through to colour consultation for living spaces based on  the teachings of Feng Shui.


In accordance with my motto of “painting pictures that are varied and colourful, such as life itself is”, I am attempting to visualise the whole spectrum of moods arising in the course of life.

Marlene Haas    -     A 3240 Mank     -     Hörgstberg 6       -       Tel.: ++43(0)664 7978898